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Durham Supports and Services

Community Supports and Services:

Kerry's Place is not running any camps in Durham at this time. Please check back for future opportunities.

Social Groups
Kerry’s Place offers a number of social groups each year for a variety of ages. These groups are organized social, recreational and/or skill building opportunities that also provide respite for parents. Fees may vary depending on the activity.
Learn more and register for Social Groups.

Group Learning Sessions
These sessions consist of a variety of topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. They are free and are offered in a group setting. Parents / caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend them as they are a great way to learn and understand how to help your child.
Learn more about Group Learning Sessions.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Workshops
Free, professional and educational workshops are available for respite workers, family members, friends, agency staff, and anyone who wants to learn more about ASD.
Learn more about ASD Workshops.

Consultation Services
Consultation Services are available to families who require additional support, above and beyond what can be provided through our other Community Service options (i.e. Group Learning Sessions, Social Groups, ABA, workshops, etc.) and/or are presenting concerns of a time sensitive/urgent matter.

Kerry’s Place uses the Person Centered Plan (PCP) process as a framework for the support provided. Integral elements of the PCP process are clearly defined goals, criteria for measuring success and time frames.

With assistance from Community Services Access, families will identify 1-2 SMART goals for a consultant to support them with. Support will be provided on a time-limited basis, based upon the goal(s) identified and the individual/family’s level of need.

Consultation Services ends once support and information has been given, however, if further support is required, families are to contact the Community Services Access Line at (905) 579-2720 ext 21.

Resource Centre
Families being supported by Kerry’s Place have access to our Resource Centre. Please call our Access line for more information. Register for the e-Library.

The Foundations Program is a goal driven, educational service, typically consisting of 12 weeks. Supported individuals are required to participate in all aspects of service to reach successful outcomes. Please call our Access line for more information. (905) 579-2720 ext 21.  Intakes are managed by Developmental Services Ontario.   Please call 1 855 277 2121 x2.

Children’s Respite Flex Funding
The Children's Respite Flexible Funding is from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to serve as an enhancement for families to access respite services in their community. The purpose of the Children’s Respite Flexible Fund is to help caregivers get the flexible and individualized support their family needs in order for them to take intervals of time off from their care-giving duties.
Learn more about Children's Respite Flexible Funding.

Day Supports
Day supports are presently offered in Durham Region for adults with ASD aged 18 and older. This service focuses on building life and vocational skills. Please call our Access line for more information. (905) 579-2720 ext 21.

Residential Services
To access residential supports in Ontario, participants will need to qualify for and be registered through the Developmental Services of Ontario (DSO). For your local DSO office number, please refer to the Developmental Services of Ontario website.