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Toronto REGION

Office: 222 Lesmill Road, Toronto ON M3B 2T5 
Phone: (416) 537-2000
Fax: (416) 537-7715 

Regional Executive Director: Kelly West

and Crisis Supports

To access residential supports in Ontario, participants will need to qualify for and be registered through the Developmental Services of Ontario (DSO). For your local DSO office number, please refer to the Developmental Services of Ontario website.
With its inception in 1985 the Toronto region was the first Kerry's Place residential program to be situated in a large urban centre. A number of individuals and their families have been supported in the following areas:

  • Accommodation and residential crisis supports including: consultation, family home meetings and transition planning.  Kerry's Place is a member in the Griffin Community Support Network, which provides crisis and transitional assistance to individuals aged 16 years and older, with a developmental delay or dual diagnosis (developmental disability and mental health needs). For more information, please call 416-537-2000.
  • Social support encourages skill development and connections to others within local communities.
  • Respite planning is made possible through our membership with, which assists Kerry's Place Autism Services in providing respite services and supports. Kerry's Place provides information on upcoming events as well as information on the variety of respite services available to families in the Toronto Region.

Residential Supports  

Over the past 25 years the Toronto Region has expanded residential services to multiple sites with varying levels of support. Most homes are clustered in North York and Scarborough with a few settings in West Toronto and the downtown core.  Services are primarily available to adults, some with dual diagnosis. Each residential setting is individually designed to meet the needs of the residents.  In all of the homes, staff members provide 24-hour support. 

Supported Independent Living

Kerry’s Place Autism Services, Toronto Region, also supports individuals who live in Supported Independent Living settings in which staffing hours vary from one hour per week to eight hours per day.  

Recreational/Leisure Activities  

Evenings and weekends at Kerry's Place Autism Services in the Toronto Region focus on developing leisure skills, following personal pursuits, enjoying family time, taking courses, making friends and having fun for individuals we support through our residential services. For those individuals living on their own or with their families, Kerry's Place Autism Services assists in connecting them with social, recreational and leisure activities within their local communities.

Department of Psychological and Family Support Services

The Department of Psychological and Family Support Services is a resource to staff and to individuals we currently support through our residential services.  The psychological support needs of individuals in our service may include strength-based assessments, treatment and intervention (e.g. family counselling, behaviour analysis and cognitive-behavioural recommendations).


Kerry's Place Autism Services, along with other service providers, contributes to the planning and coordination of processes within the framework of the Toronto Developmental Services System.  Kerry's Place is a member of Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) and is represented at various community planning tables, such as, Service Resolution, Respite Network, Special Needs Advisory Group and Toronto Networks of Specialized Care.

Kerry's Place Autism Services offers a number of community services to individuals with all levels of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families/support circles.  These free or fee-for-service programs are provided through the following programs:

Partners in Autism Program (Griffin Centre)

In partnership with the Griffin Centre's Community Support Network, our Toronto Region offers an in-home consultation program for families and caregivers of youth (12 to 18 years of age) with ASD.  An Autism Consultant and Griffin Centre social worker offer families consultation and supports on a time-limited basis (3 to 6 months), it is for youth with a diagnoses of ASD ages 12-18.  Please call Griffin Centre intake at (416) 222-1153.

Social Skills Group (12 to 18 years)

Facilitated by a Kerry's Place Autism Consultant and expert volunteers/mentors, this group meets on Monday evenings from 6pm to 8pm at the Resource Centre. The focus of the Social Skills Group is on skill-building, social interaction, fostering friendships, improving communication and having fun!  For more information view the Social Skills Group Flyer

Swim Club (under 18 years)

This  recreational program is associated with the Ontario Special Olympics and is open to 10 individuals of any age and/or ability with  ASD.  The Swim Club meets on Wednesday evenings from 8pm to 9pm and  runs from September to June at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab, located at 150 Kilgour Road.  Volunteers are needed and welcomed!   For more information, please  view the Swim Club Flyer

Adult Social Group (18+ years)

This group for adults with ASD meets at the Resource Centre once a month, on the second-last Thursday of each month from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  The focus is on social, recreational and leisure activities.  Games, Wii, arts, snacks and beverages are the order of the day!   For more information, please view the Adult Social Group Flyer

Music Group (all ages)

This recreational group meets with a singer/guitarist every Tuesday at the Resource Centre from 7pm to 8:30pm.  It is open to people with ASD of all ages.  For more information, please view the Music Group Flyer

The Hub

Individuals participating in "The Hub" will take part in activities developed to foster their confidence in socializing with others, strengthen their daily living and recreational skills, engage in novel experiences, build new and lasting relationships, and most importantly, have fun!  For more information, see the The Hub Summer Camp Flyer

Weekend Day Respite Support (18+years)

Kerry's Place Autism Services Toronto is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to provide respite to families or caregivers, who are supporting an adult at home with a diagnosis of ASD and high support needs.  Those who attend will have the opportunity to participate in the social, recreational and life skills activities in the local community.  The program runs two weekends each month from 10am to 4pm.  Cost per weekend day is $20.00. 
For more information, please view the Weekend Day Respite Support Flyer

Residential Respite Program

Kerry's Place Toronto Region is partially funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to provide a longer break to families or caregivers who are supporting an adult at home who has ASD and high support needs. Day, overnight, weekend and week-long respite services are available in a residential location in the west end of Toronto. Respite alternatives (i.e. individualized flexible plans) can be developed in exceptional circumstances. 
For more information or to book residential supports, please view the Residential Respite Support Flyer

Ontario Autism Program (New)

In Toronto, the new program will be delivered in partnership by Adventure Place, Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre, The Etobicoke Children's Centre, Geneva Centre for Autism, with lead agencies Surrey Place Centre and Kerry's Place Autism Services.  The partnership will deliver outcome oriented and evidence based behaviour services under the name Toronto Autism Services.

In Toronto, families can contact Surrey Place Centre at (416) 925-5141, ext. 2289 to refer to services for their children and youths as part of the single point of access.  General inquiries about the new program can be directed to Surrey Place Centre at (416) 925-5141, ext. 2700, or the Ministry of Children and Youth Services at (416) 327-6790.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Job Readiness Program

In partnership with JVS Toronto, this service supports transitioning individuals ages 18 to 30 years old, with a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder into employment.  The program includes vocational workshops, 1:1 weekly employment counselling meetings, 1:1 job development, job coaching, job retention workshops and work experience for up to 14 weeks.  Participants learn about self-advocacy and how to disclose to employers, build communication skills, work life balance and workplace etiquette skills.  For more information, please view the Autism Spectrum Disorder Job Readiness Flyer


MyCommunityHub is an online registration space where individuals with a developmental disability and their families can find programs and activities that reflect their interests.  Please connect with  MyCommunityHub for more information on workshops, activities, camps and respite currently being offered.

Learn to Ride Public Transit! 

Learn to ride the bus, streetcar and subway on your own in Toronto.  To join the travel training pilot project, participants must be 18 years and older with an intellectual or Developmental Disability.  For more information, please view the Learn to Ride Public Transit Flyer.


The Resource Centre is located in the Coach House behind 376 Rusholme Road, Toronto, ON, M6H 2Z5.

To arrange a visit to the Resource Centre, please call the regional office at 416-537-2000.

The Resource Centre is a lending library for materials such as books, journals, videotapes and DVDs on a wide range of topics including:

  • Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  • Asperger's Syndrome 
  • Education 
  • Long-term planning 
  • Social Skills Strategies
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Anti-abuse strategies
  • Sexuality
  • Other related topics

In addition, the Resource Centre offers: 

  • Internet access for information research related to ASD.
  • Access to the Board Maker software program.
  • Space for individuals and families to meet formally and informally.
  • A laminator to develop personal resources like Picture Exchange Communication Symbols (PECS).

Family Resource Days

Family Resource Days, offered on the last Thursday of each month, provide the opportunity for individuals family/support circle members and professionals to meet with an Autism Consultant, attend occasional workshops and use the materials in our Resource Centre.

During the Family Resource Day, the Autism Consultant meets with the individual and family to help them identify, develop, implement and evaluate effective program strategies to deal with a specific situation or to teach a new skill.  Through this process, the consultant assists the family in acquiring specialized knowledge and skills to supplement the knowledge they already posses regarding their family member (adult, youth or child) with ASD.  The Autism Consultant will also help families keep connected to the community processes, letting them know what is new at Kerry's Place, as well as, in the community where they live.

To book an appointment, please call the regional office at (416) 537-2000.

What's New in Toronto

Autism Advisory Council of Toronto (ACT) Invites New Members

Kerry's Place Autism Services (Toronto) is convening a council of individuals on the spectrum to provide advice and guidance regarding service delivery for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The Autism Advisory Council of Toronto will analyze existing services at Kerry's Place, identify gaps and provide input into the development of a plan for accessible and equitable services and supports regionally.  The committee may also be called upon to support and advise local businesses and/or other community agencies in the Toronto Region.

Meetings will be held in the evenings up to four times a year at Kerry's Place Autism Services (Leslie and 401).  Members are invited to serve on the committee for an initial one-year period.

If you are interested in volunteering on this council, please contact Kelly West, Regional Executive Director  at (416) 537-2000, ext. 229 or

Vulnerable Persons Registry

This registry is for members of the community to provide crucial information regarding an individual (child or person in their care) who may have some limitations in their ability to communicate in a crisis which could compromise their own or officer safety.  Please see the attached for more information: 
Vulnerable Persons Registry.

TTC Support Person Assistance Card

This service is provided by the TTC for persons who has a disability and needs to be accompanied by a support person. A support person is someone who assists the card holder with communication, mobility, personal care/medical needs or with access to goods, services or facilities.

To obtain your card please complete and submit the TTC Support Person Assistance Card application.

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