The Ministry of Community & Social Services compliance audit took place from August 7-18, 2017.

Three members from the MCSS spent ten days visiting individuals and staff in the residences, investigating community day programs, reviewing individual behavioral support plans, employee files, policies and procedures, and much more. Our practices were reviewed for compliance against 280 indicators in the EAST, 350 indicators in CENTRAL and 280 indicators in Toronto.

The overall results for Kerry’s Place were VERY positive!

The auditors noted Kerry’s Place has excellent behavior management strategies in place to enhance the lives of those we support, and they commented on the improvement they observed since our last audit. They also stated our incident reports and serious occurrences are well documented and followed up, especially situations involving suspected abuse. I especially liked their comment that it was evident to them that the staff go “the extra mile” for the individuals we support.

Our total non-compliant indicators for all three regions numbered 16, compared to 47 from the last visit. In fact, a total of 26 non-compliance issues were resolved “on the spot” during the compliance visit, significantly reducing the final number of non-compliant indicators. However, we do have some room for improvement:

  • Making sure our annual reviews are indeed done annually;
  • Having goals in place for individuals supported in our respite programs;
  • Finding a way to better link our ISP (individual support plan) with our PDP;
  • Ensuring documentation practices are consistent throughout the organization;
  • Making sure our medication (PRN protocols) match the behavioral support plan

The clinical, human resource and finance systems we have put in place make the excellent care we provide to the individuals we support possible.

Congratulations to all of us for our 98.3% compliance for Kerry’s Place!

MCSS Compliance Inspection: Highlights