Each year, Kerry’s Place hosts and takes part in events that raise Autism awareness!

Volunteers are always appreciated and needed at Kerry’s Place events. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an event volunteer, please visit our Volunteer page for additional information.

Host an event to benefit Kerry’s Place

  • Hosting an event is easier than you thought! By hosting an event and donating the proceeds to Kerry’s Place, you will be able to engage your family, friends and community members in an event that is exciting and interesting to you, while supporting your favourite charity. The type of event is completely up to you and the possibilities are endless… you can:
  • Host a garage sale, bake sale or any other community event.
  • Organize a fun outing or event for family, friends and neighbours and ask for donations to Kerry’s Place. Some examples include toboggan outings, nature hikes, backyard barbecues, birthday parties, or mini-golf tournaments.
  • Recommend Kerry’s Place to your place of employment in the case that they choose a charity to donate to each year. They may also donate the proceeds from a company event to a charity, which Kerry’s Place could become the recipient.

To help you with your event, Kerry’s Place has an easy to follow 3rd Party Event Planning Package that will guide you along the way.

Please contact the Fundraising Department at (905) 841-6611 ext. 371 or by email at fundraising@kerrysplace.org for more information on Kerry’s Place events or to discuss your event idea!

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