Day Treatment Program:

The Day Treatment program is a section 23 classroom that works in collaboration with the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) and the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB). The short term program (up to 2 years) supports students from grade 6 – 12 who have significant behavioural concerns and can no longer be supported within their home schools. Our treatment and educational approach is evidence based, individualized, and comprehensive. We aim to promote positive change by developing skills in individuals with autism and those they live with, in order to keep the student in their home and community as long as possible.

Referrals to the Day Treatment Program can be made by parents or any other partners involved (with parental consent) but calling the Program Manager Sara Schwartz at 905-585-9268.

Mobile Service:

The Mobile Service is an extension of the day treatment program that supports students in their home schools, community and at home. The mobile service can be accessed once all other available school board resources have been exhausted.

Students may be supported within their home classroom or brought to the day treatment classroom at the George Bailey Building for a defined time period when space permits. The goal is to maximize the treatment and educational successes of the student in the classroom and to facilitate their transition back into their home school as soon as reasonably possible.

The Mobile Service model is unique because it goes beyond the supports the school is able to offer by creating an individualized plan based on an assessment of both of the school environment and the home/ family environment. The mobility of the team facilitates this assessment and the supports that are offered so that students can receive service in the most appropriate location, be it in the home classroom, the day treatment classroom associated with the Service, in the child/adolescent’s home, or in an alternative community setting. Mobile is also a short term service.

Referrals can only be made by the head of the Regional Behaviour Team (YRDSB) or head of the ASD team (YCDSB).