Consultation Services are available to families who require additional support, above and beyond what can be provided through our other Community Service options (i.e. Group Learning Sessions, Social Groups, ABA, workshops, etc) and/or are presenting concerns of a time sensitive/urgent matter.

Kerry’s Place uses the Person Centered Plan (PCP) process as a framework for the support provided. Integral elements of the PCP process are clearly defined goals, criteria for measuring success and time frames.

With assistance from Community Services Access, families will identify 1-2 SMART goals for a consultant to support them with. Support will be provided on a time-limited basis, based upon the goal(s) identified and the individual/family’s level of need.

Consultation Services ends once support and information has been given, however, if further support is required, families are to contact the Community Services Access Line at 905-713-6808 ext 350 or email