• Do you identify as having Asperger Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder?
  • Are you looking for employment?
  • Do you live in the Greater Toronto Area?

If you answered yes to the above, we encourage you to create a profile with The Compass, a database for job seekers on the autism spectrum.

The Geneva Centre for Autism and Kerry’s Place, in collaboration with Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) are working to connect job seekers with Autism Spectrum Disorder to paid employment opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area. After creating an online profile, a local RWA Autism Outreach Coordinator will reach out to you to connect you with:

  • A range of employment opportunities in a variety of industries
  • Community agencies that provide post-secondary, pre-employment and on-the-job supports
  • Any additional supports or accommodations that may be needed on the job

Please refer to RWA’s Job Seekers Database Privacy Policy.
Employers interested in exploring the benefits of inclusive employment are encouraged to visit the RWA website.

Read the Media Release.