Alex Bonenfant, who has long had a fascination with everything Christmas, decided back in June that this year would be the year he starts a light show synchronized to popular Christmas tunes.

He then downloaded the software and spent countless hours programming songs on a simulation software.

A control unit and short-range FM transmitter had to be imported from the US In order to make his summertime simulation come to life. Then were the countless trips to Canadian Tire and Home Depot buying extension cords and Christmas lights!

All lights installed by him except for the second story gutter lights for which he had a little help from Dad.

In all he has 16 channels with over 2,500 Christmas lights synchronized to 10 songs creating an uplifting seasonal display for all to enjoy.

He is very proud to announce that in one week, he has raised over $600 for Kerry’s Place Autism Services. He is hoping to raise over $1,000 before the festive season is over!

Those who stop by the display on Leacock Avenue in Oakville can tune their car radios to 92.3FM to enjoy the show and are asked to please consider donating to this worthy cause.

Thank you, Alex!!!

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