Passport Funding COVID-19 Update:

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, significant measures were taken by our government for the safety of all Ontarians.  Individuals and families who rely on Passport direct funding to support their participation in the community, attend day programs and purchase caregiver respite no longer have the same access to the range of supports to meet their daily support needs.

To mitigate some of the limitations on program recipients and families while physical distancing is mandated, the ministry is making temporary changes to expand admissible expenditures under the Passport program. These temporary changes are effective April 1st, 2020 and will remain in place until further notice is provided by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. All other aspects of the program guidelines remain in effect.

New, temporarily admissible expenditures include:

  • Sensory items
  • Technology items
  • Items to support home-based hobbies, recreation and fitness activities
  • Personal protective equipment and supplies
  • Essential service delivery fees
  • Behavioural support plans and related interventions

For more detailed information from Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services about these new temporary changes to admissible expenditures, please click here.

The regular program terms and conditions as per the Passport Guidelines will return upon government notice. Transfer Payment Agencies, Passport agencies, and program recipients and families will be given as much advance notice as possible to prepare them for the return of standard protocols.

Any person currently receiving services through Kerry’s Place have the added advantage of using  our elaborate network of resources and supports to help provide additional assistance for residents and their families in regards to funding options.

Should you require any assistance with the Passport program, we encourage people to reach out to your Kerry’s Place representative/contact at


During the initial stages we (parents) brainstormed with Cody Miller (Residential Coordinator, Passports) and other key personnel from Kerry’s Place on how we could best utilize the funding available for our son.

We were pleasantly surprised that there were so many opportunities for our son, and the great ideas that were tabled!

As a group we ended up with a very fulfilling action plan, with activities geared for our son.

His Passport funding allows his additional needs and interests to be accommodated.

It takes a Team to fully implement an action plan and Passport helps us do that.

Thanks to everyone!
Sharon and John V.


Step 1: Connect with DSO to apply for DS support and/or services

The first step is to verify the individuals eligibility with Developmental Services Ontario. Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) is the access point for adult developmental services funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) in Ontario. There are 9 DSO locations across the province. DSO Contact Information by Region by clicking here.

If you have previously completed the DSO intake and assessments, you may have already completed this step – if you are unsure, you can contact your local DSO office to verify.

Step 2: Confirmation of Eligibility/Funding Approval

Once an individual is eligible for adult developmental services, they will automatically be approved for $5,000 annually in direct funding through the Passport program – please note: the passport funding approval date may not be the same date as the date on the letter received from DSO indicating an individual has been approved for funds.

Step 3: Passport Funding Approval Package

Once an individual receives their eligibility letter informing them they are eligible to receive MCCSS funded services, including passport funding, their information will be entered into the DSO portal and accessible to the person’s local passport agency. The local passport agency will then prepare a passport funding approval package, that will be mailed to the person’s home address. This package will contain the funding agreement, which includes the amount of funding the person has been approved for, along with forms needing to be completed in  order to accept the funds. The package is to be completed by the person and/or their Substitute Decision Maker (SDM). You can contact your Kerry’s Place representative, or your local Passport agency if you require assistance in completing the package. Contact information for local passport agencies can be found here.

Step 4: Managing the Funds

The Passport program is a reimbursement program with a variety of options to help people/families manage the funding. The options are as follows:

  1. Self-direct
  2. Transfer Payment Agency
  3. Brokerage
  4. Service Agency
  5. Combo – a combination of 2, or more of the above

Should a person wish to use Kerry’s Place as their Transfer Payment Agency, they will need to connect with their Kerry’s Place representative to obtain a Notification of Transfer Payment Agency form and discuss the details of the agreement.

Step 5: Accepting the Funding  

Now that the package has arrived and a funding management option has been selected, all forms required to accept the funding need to be sent back to the local passport office for final processing and onboarding. For residents receiving services with Kerry’s Place, or for those who have selected to use Kerry’s Place as a TPA, they are happy to help submit the application to the appropriate Passport office on behalf of each individual.

Step 6: On-Boarded

Once the approval forms have been submitted to their local passport agency, individuals are set to begin to use their funds. They may submit/claim any passport admissible expenses from their approval date forward. If an individual choses to self-direct their funds, they will be mailed PassportONE purchase of service invoice forms to utilize for reimbursement. Their PassportONE client code will be on such forms – this can be used to set up an account with MyDirectPlan, if a person chooses to do so.

Step 7: Using your Transfer Payment Agency (TPA)

In the event you are using Kerry’s Place as your full, or partial TPA, Kerry’s Place will be responsible in assisting with payments for admissible passport expenses, submitting such to PassportONE for reimbursement and reporting expenses to each local Passport Agency.


As a listed Transfer Payment Agency for Passport Funding; if you any have questions regarding your Passport Funding and how it applies to the services and supports provided by Kerry’s Place Autism Services, please contact us at

The following are helpful links to more information about passport funding: