Kerry’s Place Autism Services continues to provide our communities with updates regarding our delivery of in-person supports.  We continue to expand our return to in-person supports, gradually offering select groups, consultation sessions, respite supports, and intervention sessions at select offices, and resource centers.  Upcoming group offerings are available on our website, and social media pages.

At this time, we have plans to deliver the following services, in person, in January:

  • 1:1 respite supports for children and youth
  • 1:1 adult supports
  • 1:1 clinical interventions and mediator-based support
  • A selection of social and skill-building groups for children and youth

We will provide updates regarding our in-person supports every six weeks on our website. Should updates to Public Health or Ministry directives change, we will notify our communities of any changes to our plans.  In the absence of any changes, we will continue to provide such updates.  We look forward to continuing to support families, and our communities.  Please continue to navigate our website at

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