CONSULTATION – Key Performance Indicators

Kerry’s place was able to achieve 92.4% of its consultation program targets for the 2020/21 fiscal year. This was a challenging year as many families opted not to participate in virtual services for a variety of reasons including limited access to internet and technology, “Zoom fatigue”, or with the prevailing thought that virtual services may not be as beneficiation for the needs of their loved one. With in-person supports gradually returning, and staff capacity reaching close to pre-pandemic levels, there is an expectation that these targets will be exceeded in the upcoming fiscal year.


  • A number of staff were redeployed to provide additional capacity at our residential homes during the first quarter of the fiscal year
  • More immediate needs took precedence for a number of families who were dealing with major routine disruptions, layoffs, etc.
  • Access to technology was an identified barrier for families, with many unable to participate virtually due to a variety of reasons including no/limited access to internet and/or technology. For others, “Zoom fatigue” was cited as a reason for opting out of service.
  • As an alternative to consultation, Foundational Family Services offerings may have impacted service outcomes.

Mitigation Strategies

  • Staff capacity has steadily increased closer to pre-pandemic levels, with in-person supports gradually being reintroduced this fall.
  • Virtual services will increase by frequency to accommodate additional families for consultation services and supports.