RESPITE – Key Performance Indicators

With 1,591 individuals supported, along with their respective families and caregivers, Kerry’s Place was able to achieve 86.1% of its identified target for the 2020/21 fiscal year. Despite the challenges associated with the pandemic and restrictions that limited many service offerings, there were still over 13,500 instances of service with almost 40,000 hours of service provided. A number of virtual options will increase by frequency to enable more families to participate online, with in-person supports gradually returning as an additional option for families and caregivers.


  • A number of families did not find this particular service delivery model beneficial given their current circumstances.
  • Access to technology was an identified barrier for families, with many unable to participate virtually due to a variety of reasons including no/limited access to internet and/or technology. In addition, at the onset of the pandemic some with technology access were unfamiliar and uncomfortable utilizing virtual services and supports.
  • “Zoom fatigue” was again cited as a reason for opting out of services.

Mitigation Strategies

  • Staff capacity has steadily increased closer to pre-pandemic levels, with in-person supports gradually being reintroduced this fall. It is anticipated that respite and recreational services will increase as a result.
  • A concerted effort to increase the frequency and variety of virtual services to enable additional respite support for caregivers and families, and provide meaningful and individualized supports to the children, youth and adults served.