Jonathan, Richard, and Kevin went to a cottage that had a great location in Bracebridge.

The neighborhood was very quiet and friendly. It was located right across the street from Bowyers Beach which was beautiful; and they had the beach all to themselves for the most part.

Both Kevin and Jonathan enjoyed going into the lake. Richard would watch from the beach and listen to music. Everyone also enjoyed exploring the town of Bracebridge, they went to Momma Bear’s Ice Cream Shop which is reportedly a quite popular spot there.

Jonathan would help gather kindling for the fire and at night they enjoyed campfires and roasted marshmallows. Since everyone enjoys breakfast food, everyone would have big hardy breakfasts to start the day. We also enjoyed barbequed hot dogs and hamburgers that were prepared on a fancy smoker barbeque that was at the cottage.

All of the gentlemen enjoyed watching a movie together one evening. Kevin also enjoyed working on train puzzles one afternoon. Jonathan was able to watch several episodes of The Price is Right on YouTube and Richard enjoyed sitting on the porch taking in all the scenic views.

A great time was had by all!


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