A Distance Today Keeps The Virus Away

This live webinar is for family members and caregivers who want to learn about the importance of physical distancing in a pandemic, and strategies to help individuals with Autism Spectrum [...]

Get Ready, Get Set, Zoom

This live webinar is for family members and caregivers who want to learn more about the Zoom platform, and how to prepare their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for telepractice sessions.

Wearing PPE Protects You And Me

This live webinar is for family members who want to learn strategies to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) wear, and tolerate others wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). [...]

Individualized consultation services

Consultation sessions offer individualized consultation (or support) to families in order to develop, implement and evaluate effective program strategies to address a particular goal or skill, [...]

UPCOMING: Group Consultation: Camp

Creating opportunities for children with Autism to develop skills and peer relationships is important. This group consultation session will help provide parents and caregivers with an overview of [...]

Brief Targeted Consultation

Brief Targeted Consultation sessions provide access to a team of skilled professionals to help your family to acquire knowledge and to supplement the skills you already possess regarding your [...]

UPCOMING: Funding Options

This information session will offer an overview of available Autism-related funding, and the opportunity to review and fill out applications with the support of a Kerry’s Place Autism Services [...]

UPCOMING: Clinical Intake Meeting

A member of our team will meet with the family and the person with ASD (either at the family home or at a centre) to understand the goals and needs of the person and family.

Secret Agent Society®

Secret Agent Society is a spy-themed social skills intervention in which participants will learn to crack the code of emotions and friendships.

UPCOMING: Unstuck and On Target

COST: $1,260 - Unstuck & On Target is an evidence-based social intervention program to improve skills related to on-task, flexible behaviours, planning and organization.

Community Works Canada®

COST: $1,063 - CommunityWorks Canada® is a peer supported pre-employment program for teens and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ages 15-21 who are currently attending high [...]

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