Young Adults Fundraiser

Kerry’s Place keystone initiative, the Young Adults Project (YAP) is continuously funded by the generosity of those whom participate in the Annual Golf Classic (AGC). Your donations directly [...]

Dance Parties and Pizza Parties and FUN!

Variety Village had their 4th Annual DanceAble online dance party this year on June 23rd, 2020. Andrea, our Autism Support Associate, was quick to register Chad and Nathan to take part in this event!

Virtual Zen

Cassandra and her Yoga instructor Lisa are taking full advantage of today’s beautiful weather by having their virtual yoga session outside.

Home Garden Project

Weather it’s a hobby, interest or even a life style; most of us will admit there is just something about gardening that cannot be explained by words alone.

Van Visit Fridays!

Today Aidan saw his mother, and Jordan saw his mother & father. The guys stayed in the van, but everyone is smiling (even under the masks!)