Dear Friends:

I’m excited to announce the launch of Friends of Len — a compilation of 13 original songs, written and recorded with some of my most talented creative ‘friends’. The songs represent over 15 years of song writing and collaboration that I was finally able to get recorded and produced. Song styles range from rock and roll, to country, blues and even be-bob.

All proceeds from album sales will be directed to two autism-related organizations. Kerry’s Place Autism Services provides support to individuals with autism and their families across the province. J.O.E. provides jobs and opportunities in Guelph Wellington.

The album is available online on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and other digital platforms, and as a CD, dropping on December 4th.

For online sales, simply visit your favourite digital platform and search for ‘Friends of Len’. Here are a couple of links that are already posted.

CDs are available by:

  • Emailing me at Simply indicate how many CDs you want at $10 per disk, and provide a mailing address. You can then either send a check to: Len Kahn, 23 Zaduk Place, Guelph, ON N1G 5L3, or
  • Pay online at PayPal, sending funds to, or
  • Use Interact e-transfer (please use a Security Question with the answer ‘Friends of Len’ e.g. Q: What is your favourite new album? A: Friends of Len)

Information and purchase options will be also be posted on Facebook at @FriendsofLen starting December 4th.

I hope you enjoy the music – and also know that your purchase is supporting two great organizations that are making Guelph-Wellington a better community, one day at a time.

All the best for a happy, restful holidays.

Your friend,
Len Kahn

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