By Michael Duong.

Last fall in September, I had the worst experience of back pain which took me to the hospital.

The tests were taken and MRI results showed that I had Cauda Equina Syndrome. On the same day, I went for Laminctomy surgery right after and it went well. One thing, I must say that the whole time I was in the hospital, my support team was awesome and provided me support 24/7.

My Regional Executive Director, Director of Supports and Services, and Manager all came to see me. It was nice to see all of them around me. Next six to eight months was the time when I was on the road to recovery. Initially, it was hard for me to take part in any outdoor activities. Then slowly, I took steps towards my normal routines and daily activities. I cannot forget when I was taken to all medical appointments and follow up at same time. These included: Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Urologist, physiotherapist, family doctor, dentist and other tests like Ultra sound, X-rays, blood work all one by one.

As I was fully recovered, my liaison arranged and booked vacations to go out to Peterborough, Ontario. I was excited to see new places with my liaison. He booked room for me at Super 8 and we spent two night and three days there. It was a fun filled trip as I visited a number of places, including: museums, Zoo and the highlight was the Cruise on the Lift Lock Cruise Boat. I walked a lot and ate a lot as I get hungry often. On the same night, I went to Boston Pizza for lovely chicken wings which always made my mouth water. I ate well and then went for a walk before to going to bed. Three days and two nights went so quickly and I came back with lots of smiles and pictures that my liaison took with my camera.

I want to thank you the whole support team, management and my parents who visited me often during that time and provided me with the support and care that I needed.

Now I am ready to go on my summer vacations.

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