Fundraising is integral to the long-term health and sustainability of Kerry’s Place, but also brings much needed awareness regarding the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and caregivers. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had a significant impact on fundraising efforts with the Total Donation Revenue and Designated Donations decreasing to $152,000 in the 2020-21 fiscal year, from $489,000 the year prior. This is largely attributed to the cancellation of a number of events including our signature event, the Annual Golf Tournament.

Fundraising efforts were concentrated on program focused initiatives and online digital campaigns, and thanks to the ongoing effort of our stakeholders, and the tremendous involvement of the general community, each campaign contributed to us fulfilling our agency vision and mission. We are incredibly proud of our community, and would like to thank and commend everyone involved in making this past year possible. Throughout the year we had engagement from both corporate and community organizations, and look forward to expanding on these initiatives moving forward.


York Regional Police Fundraiser

The Fundraising Department held a digital fundraising campaign for World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) 2021, focused on the efforts of Adam McEachern. Adam has been a member of the York Regional Police for over 15 years and his eldest son Caleb was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 3.5 years old. Adam had decided to commit to going above and beyond both physically and mentally to raise funds and awareness for Kerry’s Place, and those with autism spectrum disorder.

Adam had been training at home since last May in preparation for a 24-hour Fitness Challenge., which consisted of completing 5100 air squats, 3100 push-ups, 1700 chin-ups, and a 34 mile run all within 24 hours. On April 2nd Adam completed this task, raising more than $26,000.00 from 215 donations thanks to the continued support of our generous community.


Adam’s hope is that this event will shine a continued light on ASD, and will put himself to the test once again for the new and improved Autism Hero’s Challenge in the 2021/2022 fiscal year.

Young Adults Digital Fundraiser

The Young Adults Project is an initiative aimed at providing employment services for young adults with autism spectrum disorder. There was an identified and significant gap in this type of support, with Kerry’s Place taking the initiative in addressing the many services young adults need to find and maintain meaningful employment.

The digital campaign highlighted the impact that the Young Adults Project is having on employment, and with a direct ask to our community, organizational partners, and community leaders this campaign received over $12,500. The campaign was strengthened by the incredible involvement of two individuals which the program has supported. Their video testimony was the keystone element for the campaign, that personalized the project allowing insight into the impact that prospective donors may have. The Fundraising Department looks forward to building on the results of this campaign.


Donor List – Thank you to our generous donors!


  • Fadia Ahsan
  • Stephanie Ameis
  • Kathy Anderson
  • John Anderson
  • Todd Baker
  • Israel Balter
  • Dave & Tomye Barrow
  • Roland Beauregard
  • Ann Beauregard
  • James Billett
  • Ben Callegari
  • Rob Carducci
  • Garry Chan
  • Shannon Coates
  • John Conn
  • Nora Cooney
  • Ashley Curran
  • Zakraf Dastakeer
  • Chris Davies
  • Terry Dowdall, MP
  • Nina Forte
  • Sandy Fryfogel
  • Frank Fuernkranz
  • Martin Gilbert
  • Theresa Grayson
  • Paul Greene
  • Mark Gross
  • Deborah Gullaher
  • Karen And Brad Hardie
  • Robert Hart
  • Jeff Holmes
  • John Huckle
  • Joseph Huggins
  • Hamilton And Shirley Hung
  • Diane Hunter
  • Radha Iyer
  • Ellen Jacobs
  • Michael Jansen
  • Margaret Kaffetgopoulos
  • Shams Kara
  • Barb Kay
  • Samena Kennedy
  • Gail Krog
  • Svyatoslav Kumanovskiy
  • Lise  Lareau
  • Kai Shau Lo
  • Mary Lowe
  • J Peter Lucking
  • Doug & Patricia Markle
  • Peter McCawley
  • Tricia McEachern
  • Adam McEachern
  • George McEachern
  • Carole McIntyre
  • Vanessa Morgan
  • Jonathan Morgan
  • Robert Morris
  • Murray Morton
  • Lynne Nield Miner
  • Lynette Peters
  • Paul Pugh
  • Abu Rahman
  • George And Phyllis Reddick
  • Clive Robinson
  • Frank Romans
  • Micole Rubinoff
  • June Sadgrove
  • Navdeep Sandhu
  • Roman Santos
  • Julie Schatz
  • Anton Schlemm
  • Connie Sdao
  • Michael A. Smedley
  • L.B. Smedley
  • Pathma Somalingam
  • Joel Steinman
  • Rhoda Stellick
  • James Stellick
  • Robert Stellick
  • Francine Sullivan
  • Lidia Tagliabracci
  • Brenda Talbot
  • Natalie Thornton
  • Susan VanDeVelde-Coke
  • Mark Walsh
  • Khalid Wariach
  • Robert Wood
  • Wayne Young

Companies and Groups

  • Barrie Volkswagen
  • BMO Nesbit Burns
  • CIBC Wood Gundy
  • Davis Research LLC
  • Faisal Rehman Medicine
  • Harvey McKinnon Associates
  • Heathbridge Capital Management Ltd.
  • IMB Charitable Fund
  • Magna for Community
  • Mann McCracken & Associates
  • MNA Engineering Limited
  • Ontario Group Homes Pharmacy Inc.
  • People Corporation
  • RBC Financial Group
  • Rotary Club of North Scarborough
  • Sante Circle Health
  • Stellick Marketing Communications Incorporated
  • The Central National Gottesman Canada Foundation
  • The Hardware Store Inc.
  • The Kiwanis Club of K-W
  • Unilock Ltd.
  • Wayne Ford Sales Limited
  • York Regional Police Association
  • York Regional Police

Our Vision

We envision a future where all persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder are participating fully in our communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder and to empower them and their families, through evidence-based, innovative and person-directed supports.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our work with the persons we support, their families, our employees, funders, community partners and other stakeholders:

  • Showing Respect by advancing the dignity and uniqueness of all persons.
  • Championing Choice by supporting the right of all persons to make informed choices.
  • Working with Integrity by valuing truthful, accountable and ethical interactions.
  • Fostering Teamwork by reinforcing the synergy that comes from all of us working safely together.
  • Emphasizing Continuous Learning by sharing knowledge and enabling personal growth.