Our daily living curricula helps establish and develop participants’ ability to demonstrate greater independence in daily living tasks.  Using evidence-based strategies, this group will address the development of skills related to: participating in community settings, community safety, and public transit planning. Specific focus will address learning to identify where, from whom, when and how to ask for help while in the community and staying safe when using all forms of public transportation. Topics explored: getting to know one another, identifying signs and maps, using phones and computer applications to plan a route, identifying public transit etiquette, staying safe when using all forms of public transportation, identifying directions (north, south, east, west) and problem solving.

COST: $1,519

  • Ages – 12-18
  • Virtual Session – No
  • Type of Group – Daily Living
  • Support Ratio – 2:1
  • Hours per Session – 6
  • Number of Sessions – 5
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