Isabelle has donated to the Kerry Bear campaign five times. Each Kerry Bear gift has been sent to special people in her life, to celebrate them in a unique way.

Isabelle and her son Daniel

When the program was first launched a few years ago, I embraced the Kerry’s Place campaign with enthusiasm and decided to give my support in celebration of my niece’s first Christmas. Since then, I have sent Kerry Bears to loved ones to celebrate religious sacraments, pregnancy announcements and to offer comfort and support to friends grieving the passing of loved ones and very recently to offer strength to a friend faced with serious health concerns. This campaign affords me the opportunity to give generously to an organization that provides invaluable support services to individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as their families and caregivers, while simultaneously celebrating or honouring loved ones. It truly is a ‘win-win’ idea.

I donate to Kerry’s Place to celebrate my son Daniel and to bring increased awareness to both the challenges and abilities of individuals on the autism spectrum. My family and I are forever grateful for the services that we have received from Kerry’s Place since Daniel was first diagnosed in 2008 at the age of five. Kerry’s Place has been there for us from day one.

More importantly, Kerry Bears have opened the dialogue on autism.

They provide consultation services that helped us navigate some of the challenges that we had perceived as insurmountable, social programs, and the invaluable knowledge gained by attending workshops and training seminars over many years to help me be a better parent to Daniel.

When a Kerry Bear is sent to someone special, it is an incredible experience. The responses that I have received are in and of themselves a true gift to me! Expressions of overwhelming gratitude, excitement, solace, hope and courage are among some of the sentiments conveyed. More importantly, Kerry Bears have opened the dialogue on autism.

It truly amazes me as to how much of an impact receiving an 11 inch tall teddy bear can have.

Why Our Kerry Bears

Kerry’s Place Autism Services supports thousands of children, youth and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) each year. Money raised from the Kerry Bear campaign will contribute to sustaining the delivery of programs and services to those with ASD and their families.

For the last 4 years, the arrival of Kerry Bears has been an exciting time at Kerry’s Place! They are a fun way for everyone to contribute to spreading Autism Awareness and to supporting those with ASD in our Kerry’s Place Community.


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