Our daily living curricula helps establish and develop participants’ ability to demonstrate greater independence in daily living tasks.  Using evidence-based strategies, this group provides an opportunity for participants to improve their skills in a variety of areas related to personal hygiene. Participants will be assessed based on existing health and hygiene skills, and areas in need of further development. The curriculum is comprised of instruction, role play, discussion, and rehearsal of various health and hygiene skills. Topics explored: discussing and outlining public and private behaviours, places, and conversations, body changes and puberty, self-care routines: hygiene, bathing and grooming, self-esteem and confidence building.

COST: $677

  • Age – 12-18
  • Virtual Service – Yes
  • Type of Group – Daily Living
  • Support Ratio – 3:1
  • Hours per Session – 1.5
  • Number of Sessions – 10
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