I have had the pleasure of being connected with Kerry’s Place Autism Services since April, 2011.

At that time, I was recruited to join the team of trainers delivering the Kerry’s Place ASD Certificate Course to staff members, and continued teaching the course through 2015. In those 4+ years I had the opportunity to meet numerous Autism Associates, Assistants, Consultants, and Leaders within the organization, learning about the values Kerry’s Place Autism Services embodies, the way in which staff members feel connected to the organization and the persons they support, and how they collaborate as a team.

As my exposure to the organization broadened, so did my interest in joining the organization in a more permanent role. I’ve always felt strongly that those who support families must truly hold a passion for the work they do, and feel aligned with the organization that employs them.

I’ve been privileged to have been connected to exceptional organizations in my 20 years delivering ASD-related services, and I’m proud that I joined Kerry’s Place Autism Services, Toronto Region in January, 2017 in the role of Director, Services and Supports.

I’m proud that I joined Kerry’s Place Autism Services…

I’ve found an organization whose values mirror my own, and whose culture ignited my interest to join the organization.

Jason Warga
Director, Services and Supports

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