How Mary Helps…

For the past few years, Mary Smith has been working with friends at the Aurora Senior Centre to create the beautiful bags that hold our Kerry Bears.

Who Mary is…

Mary grew up in a farming family where she says volunteering was a way of life! Lending a helping hand is something that was ingrained in her and throughout her life she has supported friends, family members, her community and the church by assisting in any way she could. As a former teacher, mother of three and grandmother of five, Mary has always had a special spot in her heart for children and those who struggle with different issues that life may throw at them. Drawing on her own experiences, Mary says, “I know first hand how important it is to feel support from an organization or other individuals when challenges arise within our families.” Creating bags for Kerry Bears is how Mary shows her support for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mary’s Message to you…

“Volunteering does not have to be a formal time. We all need to be cared for in so many ways. We need to take time and to make time to encourage, to care and make another smile. I think that any volunteer contribution is important to me and to the recipient. After all, we do need to connect with others in this world. We give a piece of ourselves and reap unimaginable rewards.”

What’s Next for Mary…

In her retirement, Mary is still on the lookout for new opportunities to support others. Her heart for others is the driving force behind her generosity. She says she may be retired but there’s “no rocking chair for me yet!”

For all you do, Mary, Thank You!


Why Our Kerry Bears

Kerry’s Place Autism Services supports thousands of children, youth and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) each year. Money raised from the Kerry Bear campaign will contribute to sustaining the delivery of programs and services to those with ASD and their families.

For the last 4 years, the arrival of Kerry Bears has been an exciting time at Kerry’s Place! They are a fun way for everyone to contribute to spreading Autism Awareness and to supporting those with ASD in our Kerry’s Place Community.


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