This past year was a particularly difficult year for our family.

Oliver’s youngest brother was diagnosed with cancer.  I found myself needing to stay in the hospital, with Oliver’s three year old brother, most days and nights, for the many months of treatment.  I was so worried about what would happen to Oliver while I was away so often.

Kerry’s Place really came through for us!

They provided Ollie a fun, homey place to stay, and a set of familiar, friendly faces to take care of him, when I could not.

My son, Oliver, has had such a positive experience with Kerry’s Place!

Kerry’s Place even took him to school so he wouldn’t miss class. This helped Oliver maintain a sense of normal life.  He and I both loved the houses and comfy bedrooms, the spectacular yard and the play equipment, the fun activities, and mostly the caring staff.  It was the staff who always made Ollie feel special and welcome.  It was the staff that always kept me informed about how he was doing while I couldn’t be with him.  I missed him – but I didn’t have to worry about him – when he was at Kerry’s Place.

I really can’t thank you enough!



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