Standards and Best Practices at Kerry’s Place

Persons supported by Kerry’s Place Autism Services, like any other persons in Canada, have rights identified under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, orientation, and ability. Kerry’s Place will only employ Positive Behavioural Supports to affect change in order to improve the quality of life for the persons we support. Kerry’s Place believes that through the consistent use of Positive Behavioural Supports, all individuals, including those with complex challenges, can make meaningful progress to achieve the best possible personal outcomes.

Kerry’s Place is committed to ensuring that perceived rights restrictions for supported persons are reviewed as part of an impartial process to ensure that due process has been met. The Standards and Best Practices Committee shall review applications/queries regarding restrictions of rights in order to weigh risks, benefits and alternatives to interventions that may be perceived as intrusive as well as to act as an impartial third party with respect to complaints/concerns related to supports/services.

The application process and necessary documents to be completed in order for a rights restriction or perceived rights restriction to be reviewed are available below. For further information regarding this process please contact us at