These parent focused information sessions are now open to all members of the community.

They are free to attend, are offered in a group setting and consist of a variety of topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Anyone wanting to learn and understand more about ASD is welcome. The following sessions are offered regularly in various locations:

Intro to Autism

  • This training gives a general overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Participants will learn about common features of ASD including Social Communication, Restricted & Repetitive Behaviour, Sensory Differences and more.

Funding Options

  • This information session gives a comprehensive overview of Autism related funding available in Ontario. A working session follows to allow families the opportunity to obtain support in completing their chosen application.


  • One of the most commonly cited concerns we hear about is the anxiety that people with Autism face day-to-day. This information session has been designed to help you recognize the signs of anxiety and learn what you can do about it.

Executive Functions

  • The ability to plan, organize, remember, initiate tasks, transition from one thing to another and manage our emotions are all related to Executive Functions.  In many people with ASD, Executive Functions are impaired. This training session will discuss more about this neurological difference that can make life a challenge for people with Autism.

School Supports

  • An overview of available supports and how to work with your school team. An IEP review session included.

Sensory Awareness

  • Many people with an ASD process sensory information from the world around them differently from others.  Learn more about the sensory system and how it affects people with ASD every day.

Successful Communication

  • This training session will focus on the importance of communication and ways to promote and achieve success for individuals with ASD.  Expressive and Receptive communication will be discussed, as well as the many challenges individuals with ASD experience.

Social Skills

  • Individuals with ASD often have challenges with developing, maintaining and understanding relationships.  Social skills are a central feature of ASD.  This training session will discuss supports so you may help them increase their social skills.

Understanding Behaviour

  • This training session will help give you a better understanding of the meaning behind behaviour regarding a person with ASD.  Helpful tips and strategies will be provided to help avoid negative behaviour and promote all things positive.

Visual Support

  • This training will focus on the importance of using visuals for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Visual examples will be shown and discussed.

For more information on Group Learning Sessions (GLS) and on line registration please click here.