Kerry’s Place provides a broad range of…

workshops, social groups, family support groups and sibling support groups within many of the communities we serve.

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Groups are for Parents of Children with Asperger Syndrome. This forum provides an opportunity for parents to get together to share experiences.

Family Resource Days

Family Resource Days (FRD’s) involve sessions about various aspects of the Spectrum of Autism to help empower families to meet challenges and effectively apply information and strategies within their daily lives.

Social Skills Groups

Facilitated by autism consultants, collaborative partners, and expert volunteers/mentors, this group’s focus is on skill-building, social interaction, fostering friendships, improving communication.

Sibling Support Groups

There are various Sibling Support Groups in various communities which offer a chance for siblings of children with an ASD to meet other siblings and talk about the good and not so good parts of living  with a brother or sister with special needs.  It is an opportunity to chat, play games, do activities and have dinner with friends.

Recreational/Leisure Activities

Many Evenings and weekend recreational and leisure opportunities are offered throughout our Regions focussing on developing leisure skills, following personal pursuits, enjoying family time, taking courses, making friends and having fun for people we support through our residential services. For those living on their own or with their families, Kerry’s Place assists in connecting them with social, recreational and leisure activities within their local communities.