The Transitional Aged Youth Supports Program is a service available to support youth ages 14-18 with ASD who are experiencing a significant transition and living in the Region of Peel. This six- session program has been established to help provide support and strategies related to unique transitions by identifying goals and providing strategies to help achieve the goal.

Examples of appropriate transitions supported in this program include, but are not limited to:

  • Moving to a new home or a new school
  • Returning to school after an extended absence
  • Increasing attendance due to school refusal
  • Returning home from a hospital or other setting
  • Promoting social skills
  • Developing daily living skills
  • Community Integration
  • Housing and Respite

Families will meet with a consultant to discuss their goals and steps to reach that goal. An assessment will be conducted during the initial meeting and families will then be connected with an autism support associate. The associate will support up to a maximum of six sessions and work with the family to implement the transitional strategies.

  • To register for the Transitional Support Program in Peel please contact: Samantha Ribeiro – 647-338-4461