From the day I came in for my interview I was welcomed by warm faces and a few jokes which helped calm my nerves (Thanks Laura!)

I got to know so many of you as I made my way around the office submitting paperwork, learning the ropes of life as a consultant, and picking the brains of anyone who would answer my questions. Prior to starting with Kerry’s place, a little bird (cough cough Kelsie) told me stories about the amazingly supportive Kerry’s Place team.

I was so pleased to find out it was true after so many of you let me shadow your cases, taught me to navigate the systems, and provide suggestions around technical difficulties. Every day it is so wonderful to see such an amazing team that takes time out of their day to share programs, journal articles and suggestions on how to develop plans for our client’s goals.

Thank you for being awesome!

Alexandra MacNeil, M.Ads Candidate
Autism Consultant


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