We offer a day camp experience for children ages 5-17 throughout the holidays, March Break and summer. Children will participate in exciting and educational programming that is facilitated by trained counselors who will support and encourage your child in participation. Activities may include crafts, sports, science experiments as well as guest providers and field trips. Children will have the opportunity to develop friendships, social interaction and turn taking in a safe non-judgmental environment.

  • Ages – 5-17- Participants will be grouped by those with similar ages, strengths, and goals
  • Virtual – No
  • Type of Group – Respite/Recreation
  • Support Ratio – 3:1 (If extra support is required, a 1:1 support worker is required to attend)
  • Hours per Session – 6
  • Number of Sessions – 5
  • An intake meeting needs to be completed with Kerry’s Place before participating in group
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