Mood Walks promotes both physical and mental wellness by reducing barriers and creating new opportunities for people living on the spectrum and their families to connect with nature and their peers. Hiking combines physical activity with: exposure to the natural environment, proven benefits in promoting mental wellness, and recovery from mental illness.

Participating in the Mood Walks program encourages, supports and motivates people living on the spectrum and their families to be physically active, while experiencing the healing effects of nature. It gives opportunities to spend time with like-minded individuals.

Each session will feature an outdoor component, such as hiking, walking, and exploring nature.

  • Ages – 5-17 – Participants will be grouped by those with similar ages, strengths, and goals
  • Virtual – No
  • Type of Group – Respite/Recreation
  • Support Ratio – 3:1
  • Hours per Session – 2
  • Number of Sessions – 10
  • An intake meeting needs to be completed with Kerry’s Place before participating in group
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