Every year Anton sets himself a goal to go away for vacation. He has gone camping at Grand bend twice; he has taken a flight to Ottawa and spent two nights in a hotel. Anton has spent two nights in a hotel at Niagara Falls as well spent two nights in a hotel at Pelee Island.

This year Anton spent 3 days in Tobermory and is already planning for next year. The great thing about this is that Anton is planning for his future and not focusing on things that have happened in his past. This for him is a huge accomplishment as it means that he has hope and dreams and is seeing those dreams come true with the support and encouragement of his team at Kerry’s Place.


  • With staff support, Anton has developed a hobby to paint. Anton has sold some of his art work to people with in his community. He has attended different art shows and put his work on display. One of his paintings was taken to a gallery in France.
  • Anton’s life story was featured in the Toronto Star on November, 18, 2012. Anton was able to tell his story to the news team, showed them around his house and his daily routine. A few days later, Anton was happy to read his story in the news paper. Click on link below to see who Anton was and is striving to be.

  • Over the last 5 years Anton has made great strides of taking control over his own life and building trust with the people he is supported by and sharing his troubles. Anton sees a counselor once a month to help him develop strategies to cope. This, for Anton has not only relieved some of his burdens of fear and guilt but has allowed him to pursue other interests. Anton has his sense of humor back and he is truly someone people enjoy spending time around.

Anton has been a great example of what people can accomplish if they’re only heard. Anton is currently working with staff to help develop a relaxation CD of music for people with ASD that helps himself and hopefully others feel calm in what can sometimes be a very distracting world.

On behalf of Anton and his Team I hope you enjoyed this brief update.

Bruce Ferguson

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