On April 2nd 2018 the family at North York Ink will be hosting a National Autism Awareness day promotion, for the sake of community involvement and community acceptance. On the day of the 2nd we will be doing FREE autism dedication tattoos (the puzzle piece), with the option to donate whatever you are comfortable with.

Autism Spectrum disorder is a disorder that affects at least 1 in 94 children in Canada and we believe that it is not only important to raise awareness but to encourage acceptance. Certain limitations and restrictions beyond our control should not hold us back from reaching our true individual potentials, and that given the right opportunities and the right directive, anyone, can achieve what we are often taught to be “unrealistic” or “impossible” achievements.

During the upcoming weeks we will be visiting a couple of clinics and will be hosting play dates at each one. The goal is to engage the creative sides of the children by hosting art centered activities and relating the best way we know how. All of the art made that day will be displayed throughout the shop alongside our artist’s artwork, from the time of the play date to long after the 2nd of April.

Kerry’s Place is excited to team up with North York Ink and the Geneva Centre for Autism for what will be a fun event!

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